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NWS Open House

The NWS will be holding an open house on 2 October 2010 from 10am to 3pm. Here is the announcement.  This page will be used to develop ideas and materials for our display.


  • Blacksburg SKYWARN refrigerator magnet
  • Amateur radio getting started
  • SKYWARN getting started


wx4rnk.org updates

  • feature links to http://start.wx4rnk.us/ and http://m.wx4rnk.us
  • add redirects for start, ops, m, mobile?

start.wx4rnk.us updates

m.wx4rnk.us updates


  • add public info address

Other Displays


  • HT
  • HF rig?
  • Hand-held weather instruments.
  • Weather station?
  • Photos
    • Station
    • SKYWARN class


The NWS will be using the SKYWARN area inside for one of their tour stops, likely display of weather instruments. We could probably have a few signs or something in the station and have them mention that we have a table outside.
  • Station cleanup/signs?  (Note, the NWS will likely have one of their displays in the station.)
    • SKYWARN logo sign that matches one we have at the outside display.
    • "Blacksburg SKYWARN amateur radio station.  See our display outside."
  • Find out how much the NWS is going to say about SKYWARN on the tour.

Table Staffing

Schedule to be posted here.