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Local SKYWARN Nets


Local SKYWARN nets are used in areas that are not covered by the central SKYWARN net, at times when the severe weather threat is local only, or, when local amateur radio operators desire to have their own net.


The National Weather Service will  notify the local SKYWARN net NCS if severe weather is expected in his area.

Local nets are free to activate under any other circumstances they believe are appropriate.


If the central SKYWARN net is active, the preferred method of reporting severe weather is to relay messages to the central SKYWARN net.  If there is a local station that can reach the central SKYWARN net, have him check in with the central SKYWARN NCS as a liaison station.

If the central SKYWARN net is not active, or if you do not have a liaison station available, use other channels to report severe weather to the NWS.  E-Spotter (for registered spotters) and the SKYWARN 1-800 numbers are probably the most effective.