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Really Simple Sindication (RSS) is used to publish updates to web site content. It is particularly useful for things like blogs and news headlines which are really just a stream of updates. By using an RSS reader, you can you can read updates from many sites with something that's a lot like an e-mail inbox. If you visit several web sites every day to read new articles, RSS will make your life much easier. To get started, you need to select an RSS reader. It is likely that your web browser and/or your e-mail client supports reading RSS feeds. Wikipedia has a comparison of RSS readers here. Here is a much shorter list by me:
  • Google Reader - this is a web application you can use from a browser. This means you can catch up on your feeds from any computer with a browser. It also supports some social networking features.
  • Brief is a plugin for Firefox.
  • NewsFire (Mac only) is a favorite of Mac users.
The various web solutions are probably best if you want to be able to catch up on your RSS feed reading on multiple devices. Next, you must "subscribe" or configure your RSS reader with some feeds you want to follow. Here are some you may want to get started with: Depending on your software, you will either have to cut and paste the URL or (with browser-based readers) just pick the reader from the drop-down list when you access the page.  You can find the RSS feed for many pages by looking for a "Subscribe" button or clicking on the RSS logo (shown at the top of this page).   Many pages will also display the RSS logo in the address bar of your browser.